About Us

Hello and welcome to MusicTeacherFinder.

We’re an independent online directory and our aim is simple: help match budding musicians to local music teachers across the UK.

MusicTeacherFinder was launched in 2022 by us, a husband-and-wife team, Neil and Hannah.

Hannah is a professional musician who has taught violin and piano privately for more than 15 years. Neil is a web developer and digital marketer.

The idea for MusicTeacherFinder came about when the previous leading local music tutor directory website changed its business model – it was no longer was a simple case of allowing pupils to find and contact teachers for free. As a vital source of income, many musicians – Hannah included – were hugely disappointed to see their listings (and potential students) disappear overnight.

So it made sense for us to pool our resources and fill the void – so here we are!

MusicTeacherFinder is simply free to list and free to use – and our motto is: Find. Learn. Play.

Finally, if you’ve any queries or would like to get in touch, please let us know your feedback as we’re eager to hear from our users.

Thanks and enjoy,

Neil and Hannah